When you’re looking at something as useful as intelligent process automation, (IPA), it’s important to analyze how transformative it can be for your business.

Software robots handle high-volume, repetitive tasks like data entry, data extraction, moving files, and more. IPA software bots free human workers so they can focus on the tasks they are the best at or enjoy more. This could be anything from interacting with customers or being involved in complex collaborative business projects.

In this blog post, we will discuss how an IPA solution gives your employees more time and a greater sense of happiness.

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Save on Time

As mentioned in the introduction, an IPA solution is designed to give employees more time to focus on more complex, fulfilling work.

UiPath reports a law firm implementing an IPA solution to free up time for their lawyers to spend more face-to-face time with their clients.

The lawyers claimed that they were able to get more important tasks completed for their clients in a timely manner, and they felt that they were able to get closer to their clients by spending more time with them.

As you can probably guess from the lawyers’ claims, the clients also experienced increased satisfaction.

Since IPA software bots were taking care of the client data and form filing, the lawyers were able to get down to the meat and potatoes of their clients’ cases, leading to better communication, clearer results, and less time sitting in an intimidating and drab courtroom. This implementation was truly a win-win for both sides.

More Time and Happiness with IPA

Increased Happiness

We discussed how customers can experience more satisfaction, but employees can too.

A few weeks ago, Digital Workforce Solutions published a blog about how IPA benefits doctors and hospitals, and many of these benefits apply to this post too.

One of the biggest benefits is that healthcare providers no longer need to juggle so many tasks. Many of these tasks involve patient information and hours of claims processing, all of which that can be handled in a matter of seconds with an IPA solution.

When someone like a doctor has more time away from data entry and claims processing, they can spend extra time helping and sometimes curing their patients.

Not only does this mean that there will be an increase in patient satisfaction and health, but doctors will find the time they’re spending with their patients more rewarding since they get to be more hands-on. This is yet another win-win for both employees and customers, but this is perhaps an even bigger win since there are lives on the line.

More Time and Happiness with IPA

Alleviate Repetitiveness

Do you want to know something that employees hate doing? Think about it for a second, and now lock in your answer. If you guessed, “doing the same thing every day,” then you would be right on the money.

But seriously, there is nothing enjoyable about doing the same thing every day. It leaves people unsatisfied and unfulfilled, and employees can begin to resent their job. This is precisely why it is so important to free up time for your employees so they can forget about the repetitive stuff and focus on the strategic tasks.

No one likes to be bored, and your employees certainly shouldn’t be. Boredom hurts productivity, so an employer should be doing everything they can to make sure they choose the best processes for their employees.

It’s also important to remember that no one knows your employees’ job position better than the employee working it. If you as an employer feel like there is something missing from a certain position, perhaps you set up a meeting with that employee so you can pick their brain on how to make it better.

IPA can only help so much with lower-level tasks, but it can also be programmed to take on bigger tasks with artificial intelligence (AI). By learning more from your current employees, you can set up your business’s IPA solution to help with even bigger tasks, making IPA a user-friendly and work-friendly assistant when your employees are on the clock.

Intelligent process automation is truly transformational. If you are looking for IPA implementation or want to learn more about it, get in contact with a Digital Workforce Solutions representative today!

Published On: February 16th, 2023 / Categories: Automation, Human Workers, Optimization, Savings /

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