Here at Digital Workforce Solutions, we have published numerous blogs about why many companies have switched to Intelligent Process Automation (IPA).

With IPA, software robots take over mundane and repetitive tasks like data collection/entry, transaction processing, record keeping, and scheduling meetings. The overall result is a more productive business and improved customer experience.

Although these points are essential, IPA also has another important role: it frees human workers to focus on more strategic, creative work. Software bots are now vital in today’s workplace because they ensure that human workers don’t become robots either.

Freeing up human workers is essential in today’s workforce because companies must attract and retain talent. If there are mundane tasks involved in all positions and a company is not doing anything to take the burden off the human workers, then the business will have a hard time keeping their employees happy.

When a business lets an employee grow their skills, show value to the organization, and focus on the work they’re passionate about, then the job position and business as a whole looks a lot more attractive. As of 2019, nearly 60% of workers think that their job doesn’t let them be as creative as they can be, and this can take a major hit on an employee’s sense of purpose in a job.

In today’s workforce, prospective employees and current employees are looking for a new and revised sense of purpose within a job. Although many companies can offer this, giving employees a better chance at work/life balance is still considered one of the top-rated ways to enhance the overall employee experience.

Let’s take a look at some ways that IPA makes employees happier and boosts the employee experience.

Read on to learn more!

how automation makes employees happier

Boosts in Productivity

Every industry has faced some kind of issue with wasted time. With IPA, that time is given back to the employees and the business.

Software robots are able to take time-consuming tasks and complete them at a faster and more accurate rate than human workers. A good example of this is the processing of new employees. Instead of having a whole HR team deal with this, IPA bots could process new employees in 3-4 minutes. This would save HR teams thousands of hours of time each year simply by putting IPA to use.

By letting IPA bots take over the once paper-based, manual processes, the organization’s automated tasks would be able to give back more time to the employees and allow them to engage in work that they would see as more rewarding. These high-reward tasks could be coming up with a new manual process for a certain job position, participating in business committees, and spending more meaningful time with customers of the business.

Additionally, UiPath recently released a study that reports that employees who are staying with a company are now having to deal with all the leftover work from former employees who have quit. This extra work is also piling on top of the employee’s existing responsibilities and as a result, they are becoming frustrated since they don’t have enough time to get everything done. This frustration is certainly something that can lead employees to resign.

IPA can help take the burden of extra work off of existing employees and alleviate stress, reduce burnout, and give time back so employees can complete the things they need to be completed.

how automation makes employees happier

IPA Lets Employees Be More Strategic and Creative

Imagine what would happen if your business was able to save even one work hour through automation. What could you complete with this extra time? Perhaps you would connect with your coworkers around you, or maybe you schedule a team meeting where employees can brainstorm creative, strategic, and thoughtful ideas for your customers.

The time that IPA can save your business enables your employees to not only find time for the heavily desired work/life balance but also time for them to focus on more creative and strategic work. This is the kind of work human workers want to do, and it delivers better outcomes for the business and its stakeholders.

A good example of this is IPA use in hospitals. With IPA solutions, hospitals can process documents and patient information without having to increase their labor costs, which are responsible for 60% of a hospital’s operating expenses.

By assigning mundane tasks to IPA robots, healthcare organizations can reduce human errors stemming from manual data entry. This also means that doctors will be able to spend more time with patients, resulting in faster results and a better experience for the patients.

how automation makes employees happier

IPA Lets Employees Learn New Skills

Employees must understand how to use IPA solutions if it’s to be effective inside an organization. If employees are to understand IPA, organizations must offer upskilling for IPA  solutions and reskilling opportunities so that they can get the most out of the implemented solutions.

Teaching your employees about IPA solutions is a win-win for everyone involved. According to the previously referenced UiPath study, nearly 90% of global office workers demand that they receive new training for new skills from their employers so that they can be more competitive in the workspace. These new skills would also help employees advance their careers.

Additionally, organizations would benefit from increased levels of productivity and innovation, improved customer service, and reduced errors from manual data entry. IPA solutions would be able to take care of these errors, leaving employees to focus on more important and time-consuming tasks that require more attention to detail.

It’s also important to remember that almost every person wants to feel like they are giving back to their communities and helping the world through the work they’re doing. IPA solutions have the ability to give employees a sense of purpose and are being used in thousands of ways across the world to help society. They are making businesses more efficient and improving the customer experience, and most importantly, they are improving the work/life balance for employees and promoting a greater sense of happiness.

how automation makes employees happier


As you can see, IPA solutions do a lot more than boost the efficiency of a business. Not only do they boost a company’s overall productivity, but they allow employees to focus on more creative and strategic work while having opportunities to learn new skills.

Today’s workforce is changing just as fast as the technology it brings in. Although employers should be up to date on their business numbers and customer service experience, it’s imperative that they don’t overlook the needs of their employees. The demands of employees are changing rapidly, and employers must be able to pivot so they can attract and retain talented individuals.

It’s also important to remember that IPA solutions aren’t meant to boot human workers from their jobs. They are supposed to do the opposite. Working together with their human counterparts, IPA solutions should make things easier and give more time back to the employee/business. IPA solutions have an almost limitless list of things they can automate inside a business, and it’s just a matter of strategic implementation and properly trained employees to make them run smoothly.

To learn more about IPA solutions and how they could benefit you and your business, get in contact with Digital Workforce Solutions today!

Published On: October 27th, 2022 / Categories: Automation, Optimization /

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